Welcome to Digital Health India Association

The Objectives and Key Result Areas of Digital Health India Association have been stated in this blog keeping in mind the future

  • To perform the role of a Digital Health advisory for State and Central Government by actively participating and involvement in core committees on Digital Health with respect to tenders, implementation reviews and any other matter pertaining to healthcare information technology (HIT) in the society.
  • To help, assist and work with Non Governmental bodies such as Private healthcare providers, Mission/Trust organizations, Academic associations for promotion and enhancement of society’s Digital Health adoption.
  • To establish partnerships and consultancy with global multilateral agencies engaged in the field of Digital Health.
  • To liaise with Academic institutions for capacity building through Curriculum validation, training and Internship and placements assistance for Healthcare IT workforce.
  • To partner with Health IT Industry to provide Software accreditation. Champion the cause of adoption of various standards and interoperability in the digital health ecosystem.
  • To support and mentor students and young professionals for enhancing research and innovation in the field of Digital Health through incubation platforms.
  • To arrange development of Health IT workforce for Digital Health adoption and implementation by creating and/or supporting academic courses and skills training initiatives.
  • To hold conferences, workshops and webinars with a view to exchange of ideas and experiences in cooperation with academia and industry.
  • To partner with firm affiliations with similar association, societies or institutions, who are connected with / or related to Digital Health in India and abroad.
  • To advocate adoption and knowledge transfer in the field of Digital Health by printing/electronic publishing of scientific papers, journal, bulletins, periodicals, booklets, pamphlets, textbooks and promoting exchange of thoughts and ideas through interactive electronic / other forums.
  • To enter into reciprocal representation agreements with companies in India or other countries, having similar objectives as set out in this Memorandum of Association, and enter into any arrangement for union of interests, cooperation, reciprocal concession or otherwise with any person, association or company carrying on or engaged, or about to carry on or engage in any activity or transaction which this Company is authorized to carry on so as to, directly or indirectly to further the aims and objectives of the Company.