Telemedicine Registry and Evaluation in India

An alliance of healthcare associations in India including CAHO, CHIME and HIMSS India are partnering with DHIndia to establish a Telemedicine Registry for India. The objective is to guide healthcare providers in India on technology solutions for telemedicine as proposed in the National Digital Health Blueprint (NDHB) and Telemedicine Practice Guidelines (TPG).

If you are interested to enlist yourself as a Telemedicine solution provider for hospitals and doctors in India, kindly fill up the survey

Doing Better Tele-Healthcare & COVID-19

Half of medical science goes wrong in 5 year, but nowadays that’s happening within days and hours, and information distributed via various channels with various biases and not appraised well are a risk to populations. The goal of care providers should be not only to do no harm but also to do better care for every patient.

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Telemedicine Training for Doctors – Update 1

This is to inform all registrants that there will be no TSI Telemedicine training on 07 April 2020 and 08 April 2020. Training sessions will resume on Wednesday, 09 April 2020 and the schedules will be informed by email.

Thanks for the overwhelming response, we received 1000+ registrations in the first week. Four interactive class room sessions have been conducted so far. If you have not been contacted yet, you will receive a communication shortly and if you were unable to attend the training for whatever reason, please do get in touch with us and we will reschedule you for the forthcoming sessions.

Soliciting your support in our endeavor to familiarize all doctors in India on the concepts of Telemedicine and bringing them up to speed on the recently notified Telemedicine Practice Guidelines.

Together, we shall overcome! Jai Hind

Simple Dos and Don’ts about using Video Conferencing for Teleconsultation

As the MoHFW, GoI has notified the guidelines for the practice of Telemedicine in India you may use the simple steps enumerated below as  guidance for running successful Teleconsultations using video conferencing.

Video Conference (VC) is a tool that allows users in different locations to communicate using technology and hold face to face to meetings. Broadly speaking video conferencing is of two types, a point-to-point VC which allows communication between two individuals and

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