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You are committed to making change to the status quo with the Digital Transformation of Healthcare in India. Make a difference as an Individual in your local community or as an organisation across India. You are a student or an Institution training the workforce that will lead the Digital Transformation.

(A) Individual Members – Any individual carrying on or associated with the health information technology and residing in India or abroad and who conforms to and agrees to conform to the minimum standards of business practice and professionals skills as may be prescribed by the company, from time to time, is eligible for the membership of the company”. Individual members can be individual ‘provisional’ members and individual ‘permanent’ member. Individual provisional members shall not have any voting rights.

(B) Corporate Members – This is membership to an organization, which will be entitled to appoint one nominee or representative to discharge its functions as a member of this company. Such nomination or change in the nomination shall be made by the corporate member by a written communication addressed to the Chairperson of the Board of Directors and shall be effective on its acceptance by the Board of Directors. The corporate member organization shall have the right to change the nomination from time to time. Such Nominee shall have the right to vote at the General Meetings.

(C) Student Members – The Board of Directors may appoint and enroll Student Members under 30 years of age as members. This category shall be for students of health informatics and allied subjects, but who may not be in a position to join as Individual Members. Such Student Members shall not be included in determining the total number of membership of the Company for any purpose whatsoever and shall not have any voting rights and such member or members shall not be considered as ‘Member’ within the meaning and definition under the Companies Act, 2013.

(D) Advisor – Any person who has rendered exemplary service towards the development of the Health Informatics/Digital Health, can be an Advisor Member of the Company, based on prior approval of the Board of Directors. Our Scientific Advisory Committee have stalwarts from the Healthcare and Healthcare Informatics community.